The world of moving is quite a dynamic and multifaceted world. The value chain of processing one move for one client involves many steps which if not executed properly, may lead to unfortunate circumstances. The objective and desire of the moving company are to ensure that every move for each and every client is executed in the simplest and least disruptive manner. However, in an imperfect world, not all moves are completed in this smooth manner and this post will address a few things that could go wrong with your move.

  • The client might misspell the address of the pick-up or drop off point. This makes it difficult for the movers to find these locations using their own GPS devices. However, with the new LoadALot app, the address fields are enabled with predictive text and assist with avoiding the issues that arise with misspelling the address.
  • In other instances, client’s mis-quote their contact numbers. This causes major issues if this contact number is the only way to reach the client.
  • South African roads are infamous for traffic congestion. The movers could get caught up in traffic while delivering on yours or another client’s service. To avoid major delays, all scheduled services are well spaced apart to allow for intermediate travel time and minor traffic delays.
  • Clients may also appoint a proxy to be available when the movers arrive if they won’t be able to be present. In many ways, this arrangement works smoothly however, in some instances, the proxy might arrive late or forget the keys to access the apartment/office. This could cause major delays and thus it is advised that clients continue to keep communicating with their proxy.
  • LoadALot movers are always professional, however, it is still advised that all valuable items are clearly marked and packed separately.

These are only a few things that could potentially disturb a smooth move however, they can be easily avoided with constant communication and cooperation, and understanding. Choose LoadALot as your home and office furniture moving company.