furniture removal company

Questions you should be asking a removals company BEFORE moving.

There are some scary stories about a few furniture-removal companies that have made people think twice about which company they should be using for their next move. So, endeavour to make sure that you know exactly what you’re getting from the removals company concerned, by asking all the right questions.

The essential difference between a move that runs smoothly, and another that encounters difficulty, makes it imperative that you ensure that you do not become a victim on YOUR moving day.

Pre-move intelligence gathering.

  • Upfront, establish whether the company concerned provides a professional packing service – regardless of whether you actually plan to use that service or not. This decision should be conveyed without delay so that the company concerned can dedicate sufficient time to their planning, and then include this aspect in your quotation – to make sure that you will not be caught offsides by the cost.
  • In parallel with this aspect, it is important to establish whether the company concerned has storage facilities available, or if they can recommend somewhere else.
  • Furthermore, it is imperative to ask the removals firm concerned to send a representative around to assess and confirm the volume of your possessions to be moved, in parallel with a discussion about YOUR specific requirements. At that time, therefore, it is important to ensure that everything you will be moving can be seen as part of the evaluation process. If it is relevant, you need to make sure that everything you will be moving is visible including the garage, yard, attic, or cellar.
  • Finally, following up on the above process, which is systematically done, make sure that there is an in-depth discussion regarding any additional services you may require, and ending with a full written quotation and a fixed price. It is important to ensure that ALL prices are included and that nothing extra will be added on after the move.

Removals company staff.

  • Establish whether the move is that they will be working on, i.e., your particular move, will be using casual staff, temporary contractors, or are fully employed by the company concerned.


  • Specifically, ask to see details of their insurance. It is important that you check that you do not need to supplement this if you have some precious items that their particular insurance does not cover during the move. Many household contents insurances do not cover standard household items in transit.

The Finer Detail.

  • Obtain the moving company’s landline and a full address. (Not just a Post Office box number). “Fly-by-night” removal companies often only operate via a cell phone.
  • Establish how the company concerned would like to be paid. Cash payments are often a warning signal – most reputable removal companies take credit cards, via the Internet, or cheques.


It is worth remembering that you need to check out genuine customer feedback for any removal firms you are thinking of using so that you can be assured of the company’s quality and then be confident that your move will go smoothly.