What could go wrong with your move?

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The world of moving is quite a dynamic and multifaceted world. The value chain of processing one move for one client involves many steps which if not executed properly, may lead to unfortunate circumstances.

How soon should I start packing for a move?

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Packing is a tedious and taxing exercise. When to start, really, is up to you – the mover. The pertinentquestion should be – will the LoadALot movers find your stuff packed and ready for your nextdestination? If like many you’re unsure of your answer

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If you pause and think for one moment, the concept of mobility is as old as the human race.In some interesting way, human beings have an inherent desire to move from point A to pointB. As the years progresses, human beings, with their endowed ingenuity, found ways to notonly move but move quickly and in […]