My mom always jokingly says to me, “After June, just walk into a Shoprite store and tell me what
symbols you see which strike you with an unbearable epiphany?” My answer to this question has
never changed ever since she began asking this question. I always see a Christmas tree and the
epiphany is always, “oh goodness, the year is gone”. Another accompanying thought is always about
what gift am I buying for which member of the family. Once I’ve found the gift, I need to figure out
how I will package it and where I will store it while patiently waiting for Christmas day when all the
family gifts will be revealed. Because these Christmas gifts are usually single items, the packaging
and storage process is never a stressful or effort-draining one. But imagine if this was relating to
the packaging and storing of many household or office items.

If you move into a new apartment, home or office, many of the items you will be moving may
require box packaging and bubble wrapping. Instead of stressing about where to find these
necessary items, it is easier to contact an experienced moving company like LoadALot to provide
these items for you. This approach definitely lessens the burden on your shoulders.

There is another group of people we refer to as “transition period movers”. What this means is that
they need to move out of one place but aren’t ready to move into their desired place yet. This group
of people need to temporarily store their items in a secure and well-kept facility. Again, this is
another stressful consideration if you don’t have a reliable company on speed-dial. With LoadALot’s
partnership with various reputable storage facilities around the country, your items will be kept safe
in the interim until you are ready to move them into your desired location. The repeated joke in the
LoadALot office is that they guard your items as if their salary is in one of the boxes.

Packing and storing your items when moving shouldn’t cause you a headache. Let the great team of
LoadALot ease your move.