There’s an inspiring African proverb that says “umuntu ngumuntu ngabantu” which literally means that a human being is in essence a human being through other human beings. It is used to express the power of a community that works together. LoadALot is a brand that sees itself as a unique and value-adding agent in the community of service providers around the world. In that spirit, LoadALot has successfully partnered with a leading home and office cleaning services provider in the country, namely SweepSouth, as part of its end-to-end moving services objective. The belief is that this will make the moving process much easier, efficient, and stress-free for the client in that all the essential services required when moving can be found on one platform.


SweepSouth is a leading and reputable brand in the cleaning services sector in South Africa. They pride themselves on being a convenient and affordable way of having your home, office, or BnB cleaned. Through their dedicated and reliable home cleaners, fondly known as Sweepstars, they will ensure that your home or office will be left shiny with a delightful fresh smell, just the way you would prefer.

The partnership between LoadALot and SweepSouth brings an exciting and innovative shift from the traditional methods of moving and cleaning as separate and individual services. Moreover, the digital and advanced technological platforms adopted by these two companies enable them to make their services accessible in a much more convenient and simple way. LoadALot is broadening its platform and service catalogue by partnering with SweepSouth to enable clients to book a home or office move and simultaneously book a cleaning service if required, all in one quote. This is a new and novel service that guarantees ease and efficiency in the booking process.

With the world becoming more technologically inclined, it is these kinds of collaborations that guarantee increased client satisfaction and foster further innovation in the home and office moving market.