If you pause and think for one moment, the concept of mobility is as old as the human race.
In some interesting way, human beings have an inherent desire to move from point A to point
B. As the years progresses, human beings, with their endowed ingenuity, found ways to not
only move but move quickly and in some instances, carry loads while moving. This
phenomenon of moving goods using transportation means soon became an entire industry
known as logistics which is populated by moving companies. If we think about it carefully,
even comically, it is safe to suggest that the first moving company/ entity is the human being
himself. However, across the centuries, moving has signified more than just the act of
travelling from point A to B. Some people move into new spaces, new perspectives and new

Moving into a new apartment, house or office is exciting because it symbolises growth,
change and a fresh start. Some moves are big and others are small, while some are more
meaningful and more sentimental than others. You could be moving to a neighbouring city, a
different province or an entirely new country. The potential experience that awaits you is
what fosters growth which is mostly appreciated in hindsight. Although moving presents
exciting prospects, it does bear a seemingly unbearable logistical task.

No one ever realises the shear stress of moving into a new apartment, home or office until
they have to move. Amongst many time consuming tasks, one has to schedule a packing day,
find empty boxes, pack all their belongings in an organised manner and hope to find a
professional, trustworthy, efficient and affordable moving company to complete the process.
Moreover, finding a moving company with at least two of these traits is considered luck.
Furthermore, finding a moving company with all four traits is considered “a relocation dream
come true”.

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