The year 2020 is by far the most economically devastating year in history. The world has experienced
many financial and health crisis before, but none compares to the economic meltdown we are
seeing in 2020. An exemplary entrepreneur in South Africa made a profound statement concerning
the distinction of this economic environment compared to those we’ve seen before, i.e, “in the past,
every crisis had a clear Chinese Wall between health and finances. In 2020, Covid-19 has both
negative health and economic/financial implications”. By virtue of this fact alone, it is safe to suggest
that the world has never traversed such waters before. Therefore, the response of businesses in
these trying times has to be unique and deeply premised on proven and reputable skills.

Captains of industry suggest that this is the prime time to pivot a business to new opportunities.
However, this is not pivoting of any kind. Rather, it is pivoting premised on core skills of the business.
An outstanding example of this is Netflorist. Their core skill is delivery, not flowers. In the advent of
Covid-19 in South Africa, Netflorist pivoted from delivering flowers which were non-essential to
delivering groceries which were indeed essential. In the new world, every economic enterprise will
have to re-evaluate what their core skills are, where the new opportunities lie and match the two

LoadALot has done the same introspection. Their core skill has been, still is and will continue to be
hassle-free movement of home and office furniture. In a world that’s fast moving towards adopting
practices that minimise personal contact and mass movement in public spaces, the need to digitise
platforms for service provision has increased significantly. To this effect, LoadALot has improved
their quote generation process, communications and other upcoming technologies.

Let LoadALot ease your move in the new normal.