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LoadALot- Removal Company was founded solely on the belief that we can make moving a joyful and exciting experience. The vision has always been to do everything exceptionally well and professionally. Moving should be trouble-free with an effortless customer experience. From requesting a quotation to moving, we have ensured that we are user-oriented. And this has worked the way it is always supposed to. LoadALot was founded by one University of Cape Town former student and started advertising to students on campus for storage and moving. Within a short period of time, we developed a group of happy customers who loved how unique and authentic our service was. These customers have always supported us and are the reason for our rapid growth. With our incredible love from our customers, we have grown towards our vision and maintaining the same incredible experience for years now.

Our character at LoadALot is Consistent Quality. We believe we are the best moving company because of our trust. We treat your items as if they are own. We have developed an impeccable experience and expertise. This is from making sure our team is trained professionals. Integrity has always been one of our values, honoring our promises to each and every customer. This has resulted in us building the same effortless and affordable experience for every customer every time we encounter them.

Cape Town, Moving Company.

A move requires more than just one individual. Hence, we have developed a team at LoadALot. To maintain the best moving experience in Cape Town and Johannesburg, we have set standards for ourselves that help maintain the quality service. We choose to hold ourselves up to quality, trust, integrity, efficiency, and communication.

Every move or removal work we do have a purpose. And to fulfill that purpose we have invited people with diverse backgrounds, skills, and talents to create a team that will build a sustainable business. We are a business that strives to help in a meaningful way while loving what we do and having fun doing it. We reflect ourselves with integrity, quality and communication. Hence, we are proud to call ourselves a removal company.