How soon should I start packing for a move?

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How soon should I start packing for a move?

Packing is a tedious and taxing exercise. When to start, really, is up to you – the mover. The pertinent
question should be – will the LoadALot movers find your stuff packed and ready for your next
destination? If like many you’re unsure of your answer, read on!

Many of us hardly ever know where to start or what to start with when we have to pack for a move.
You have your kitchen, through living room, to bedroom items and you need all of them as close as you
need your oxygen so you can’t afford to leave anything behind. At the same time, your life isn’t on
standby waiting for the day you ACTUALLY move; given that, you’re going to have to live in the moment
while you prepare to leave. A few hacks:

  • Hoard as much newspapers (to wrap anything fragile) and refuse bags as possible
  • Have enough bags or boxes of different sizes to pack everything away
  • The documents in your home should be in one place (if not get cracking) and the last to be packed away
  • Leading up to the week of your move, start using as few of your household items as possible (we all know how much of our stuff is for aesthetics)
  • Put away as much (or little) as you can everyday; two teaspoons today; a pack of washing powder tomorrow; a pair of shoes the next day; anything!
  • Stop buying food and finish what’s left
  • Be sure to separate your clean items from your dirty ones
  • Get your friends or the kids involved in your packing and get used to the idea of moving together

If you don’t have the time or energy for any of the above, contact LoadALot, and if you’re comfortable
with our movers handling your stuff before moving then we’ll come through and help you pack – with
our own boxes and wrapping. While we do that, you go say goodbye to your neighbours or that crush at
the coffee shop. We’ve got your bag. Happy moving!

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