Furniture Removals Tips and Advice

Relocating or moving is usually a challenging activity for everyone. One of the common challenges people need to face is sourcing, hiring and then dealing with furniture removal service providers. This ranges from finding the right company for YOUR SPECIFIC needs to your proper preparation beforehand. However, with some forethought, this process does not need to be as tricky as it may seem initially.

The Choice of Dates Which Suits Both Parties Concerned.

It is important to know the date constraints of your move, and when is the very last day that you can leave your current location, and the earliest you can move furniture into your new destination. Clearly, once you have both of these dates, you need to work on a timeframe that you can work around and ideally be available for, in person. If possible, you should try to be slightly flexible regarding your timing, as certain removal companies may not be able to accommodate you on the specific dates you have in mind.

Preparing Furniture and Other Belongings.

The next item on your agenda should be to start preparing your belongings. Of course, you can commence the packing process, however, essential day-to-day items should be left until the last day. In fact, these items are better kept on your person, as you may need this information for the removal company or other parties involved with your move.

The Packing Process.

Prior to packing boxes, it is important that you make a list of ALL your belongings that will be making the move. Then, divide your list of belongings into logical categories that you can organise into label boxes or cartons. Of course, this process will make things a lot easier when you need to find these items, whether this be during or after the move. 

This will also help you to estimate the number of containers you will need for the move. Be careful not to overfill your containers and boxes, so that you can avoid any spillage or broken containers when your furniture removal service providers are lifting and carrying your goods. Otherwise, you will run the risk of having items either lost, damaged or broken entirely.

The Creation of Easy Access for Your Furniture Removal Company.

Now, whether you live in a multi-story building or busy street, it is vital that you ensure that the furniture removal company can easily access your location and furniture. If possible, it may be necessary to make special arrangements with the caretaker or neighbours of the building concerned, to free up extra parking space. Furthermore, if you live a few floors up, see if they can reserve the lift for some time.

Ask Family & Friends. 

Do not be hesitant about asking your family and friends about the various challenges that they may have encountered whilst relocating. This will help you to avoid these unnecessary pitfalls mentioned above. 

Covid-19 Precautions.

Of course, we hope that everyone is healthy and safe during this time. With this in mind, our customers are advised that we are operating our business as usual, as we are an essential service. Furthermore, our staff are practising good hygiene by washing their hands regularly, and we are telling any of our staff who feel ill to stay at home.

We will need minimal contact with our customers on moving day, so if you prefer to keep your distance on that day, that will be fine. We just need you to allow us access to the property concerned and show us what needs to be moved.