Artificial Intelligence In The Moving Space

Malcolm Gladwell once shared an inspiring story about an innovative entrepreneur named Malcolm McLean. In this story he explains how McLean defied the status quo of the shipping industry, designing a novel container that would result in significant financial and time savings for both his clients and the company. It was by far the most revolutionary idea in the transport industry and moreover, an idea that has sustained globalisation to this day. 

In this decade, all major market disruptions are by virtue of AI-enabled systems and the technology has now reached the moving space. As part of the LoadALot dream to make moving a hassle-free and delightful experience, LoadALot has adopted AI technology which enables clients to take a picture(s) of the items they wish to move, and via image recognition technology, a quick quote can be generated from the list of items that have been recognized. This novelty is the first of its kind in this industry and is potentially the next revolution in the furniture removal industry.

LoadALot has developed an intelligent transportation web-app, creating #MoveTech, a brand new industry that will disrupt the future of traditional moving.

It is safe to say that the moving industry is evolving in a manner that guarantees greater client satisfaction and ease of doing business. #MoveTech is the vehicle driving this evolution and companies like LoadALot are at the forefront of this evolution. The objective is quite simple and sits at the core of why LoadALot exists; to make home and office moving a delightful, pleasant, and hassle-free experience.