The importance of a quality fleet

Load-A-Lot Spartan Truck Hire

There are many ways of expressing the idea that there is immense strength in a collective. Some will say “two heads are better than one”, “four hands are better than two”, “the pride is braver than the lion” or “the fleet is better than the truck”. These phrases all communicate a simple and genuine truth; […]

Why we are the best moving company?

Why we are the best moving company

Our character at LoadALot is Consistent Quality. We believe we are the best moving company because of our trust. We treat your items as if they are own. We have developed an impeccable experience and expertise.

Say Hello to SweepSouth

LoadALot and SweepSouth

LoadALot has successfully partnered with a leading home and office cleaning services provider in the country, namely SweepSouth, as part of its end-to-end moving services objective.